Balkanization in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Balkanization

typically as the result of or end of a war, when large land areas are broken down into smaller states

Examples of Balkanization in a sentence

The balkanization of Yugoslavia happened after civil wars broke out on the country and several areas broke away to form their own states.  🔊

The balkanization of the Ottoman Empire resulted in several small countries that had a deep hate for their neighbors and inspired many wars over the years.  🔊

Balkanization of Great Britain had a positive effect in that Wales, Scotland, England, and Ireland were each able to form their own rules and government systems instead of relying on the monarchy.  🔊

Balkanization of large countries into several smaller nations often results in great divides, anger, and wars between neighbors for territory.  🔊

After WWII, the balkanization of the USSR created 15 new countries, including Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.  🔊

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