Dissociate in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Dissociate

to distance or detach someone or something from a group

Examples of Dissociate in a sentence

When Beverly’s friends started to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol, she decided to dissociate from them and find nicer friends.  🔊

Right after Kevin’s mother died, his friends worried that he would dissociate from his feelings so he wouldn’t feel sad about her death.  🔊

In order to dissociate from her abusive husband, the wife moved far away and did not contact any of their friends or his family.  🔊

After suffering a nervous breakdown due to work-related stress, I decided to temporarily dissociate from work by taking an extended vacation without my cell phone or laptop.  🔊

Wanting a more positive life, the woman would dissociate herself from any negative people by only surrounding herself with positive people.  🔊

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