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Definition of Extricate

to free or remove something or someone

Examples of Extricate in a sentence

If the magician does not extricate himself from the water tank in the next forty-five seconds, he will die. 🔊

The little kitten did not know how to extricate himself from the string of tape. 🔊

Although Jake had a map of the cave in his pocket, he still was not able to extricate himself from the network of tunnels. 🔊

Unfortunately, the firemen were not able to extricate the dog from the burning building. 🔊

If you are serious about us as a couple, you must find a way to extricate yourself from the relationship you are in now. 🔊

To be an impartial judge, you must extricate your personal feelings about the beauty contestants. 🔊

While it has taken me a few days to extricate my car from the tow company, I finally have the vehicle parked back in my garage. 🔊

More than likely, Albert will need a screwdriver to extricate the door from its hinges. 🔊

The soldiers used a detailed plan to extricate their commanding officer from the terrorists. 🔊

Hopefully, someone will extricate us from this vault before all of the oxygen is gone. 🔊

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