Elusion in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Elusion

the act of escaping or hiding from someone

Examples of Elusion in a sentence

My cat’s successful elusion is kind of irritating, since I can’t bathe her if I can’t find her around the house. đź”Š

Hide and seek is a game all about elusion, as you can’t win if you can’t hide from the person that is looking for you. đź”Š

The prisoner’s elusion made it difficult for the police to do their job, but they couldn’t go home until they found him. đź”Š

The best way for a rabbit to achieve elusion when a predator is on its tail is to escape into a small hole its pursuer can’t fit into.  đź”Š

Jeremy’s elusion was obvious in the fact that he always managed to avoid answering the question that had been asked of him.  đź”Š

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