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Definition of Emanating

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Examples of Emanating in a sentence

The smoke emanating from the stove was a clear sign something was burning.  🔊

Because the heat emanating from the burning house was too hot, the firemen had to try and extinguish the fire from a safe distance.  🔊

The loud music emanating from my neighbor’s house is probably going to keep me awake tonight.  🔊

After a football game, my son always has an unpleasant odor emanating from his cleats.  🔊

It is obvious from the dim light emanating from beneath my daughter’s bedroom door that she is still awake.  🔊

As soon as Meredith walked past the bakery, she was captivated by the delightful scents emanating from the shop.  🔊

The smells emanating from the grill are making me hungrier.  🔊

Since I forgot to put on sunscreen before leaving the house, the rays emanating from the sun are burning my skin.  🔊

The fumes emanating from the paint made the pregnant woman sick.  🔊

If that awful smell is emanating from the restaurant’s kitchen, then I am going to eat somewhere else.  🔊

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