Emulsify in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Emulsify

to make into a mixture that is the result of liquid being added to another but not fully dissolved in it

Examples of Emulsify in a sentence

Although he tried to blend the mixture, the make-up artist couldn’t seem to emulsify the suspended liquids correctly.  🔊

If you want to emulsify a vinaigrette, simply add mustard to the vinegar to somewhat dissolve the ingredients.  🔊

You might be able to emulsify the two oils together temporarily, but eventually, the ingredients will pull apart.  🔊

The production worker was able to emulsify the rubber by adding various liquids to the brewing combo.  🔊

Stirring her big pot, Wendy the Witch tried to emulsify the thick skunk saliva soup into a thinner concoction by adding pig pee and toad tears.  🔊

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