Melt in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Melt

to dissolve something solid through heat

Examples of Melt in a sentence

The ice at North and South Poles is beginning to melt now that the temperature of our atmosphere is starting to rise. 🔊

Even though metal is a very durable, it will melt into molten slag if subjected to enough heat. 🔊

When there is enough heat in the Earth’s mantle to melt stone, it becomes lave and often erupts from volcanoes. 🔊

If you want to melt all of the ice that has formed on your windshield, your best bet is to turn on your car’s heater and wait.  🔊

Your ice cream will begin to melt into a soppy mess if you let it get to warm in the sunlight, so be sure to eat it quickly.  🔊

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