Endowment in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Endowment

income or property that is given to someone

Examples of Endowment in a sentence

In an effort to assist my son as he buys his first home, I provided him with a significant monetary endowment.  🔊

Many parents give their children an endowment when they get married so they can have a little extra something to bring into their marriage.  🔊

An endowment can be anything of worth provided to someone else, but many families choose to pass on furniture to their children or grandchildren.  🔊

Because my family was so poor, I refused to accept an endowment of any sort when I finally got married, since they needed it more than me.  🔊

I want to make a lot of money now so I will have enough to give to my child as an endowment when he gets older.  🔊

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