Ensures in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ensures

a verb that means to make certain that something will happen or be the case

Examples of Ensures in a sentence

Benjamin ensures that all equipment is properly calibrated and in good working condition before each use.  🔊

Olivia ensures that everyone has a copy of the agenda and is prepared for the meeting.  🔊

The company's quality control measures ensure that all products meet industry standards before they are shipped to customers.  🔊

Isaac ensures that the documents are organized and filed correctly in the database.  🔊

The teacher ensures that all students understand the material before moving on to the next lesson.  🔊

Double-checking the measurements ensures that the shelves will fit perfectly in the space.  🔊

The vaccination program ensures that the population is protected against infectious diseases.  🔊

The membership program ensures that members receive exclusive discounts and benefits.  🔊

Regular exercise and a healthy diet ensures that Samantha stays fit and healthy.  🔊

The contract ensures that the rights and obligations of both parties are clearly defined and agreed upon.  🔊

Lucy ensures that the kids brush their teeth twice a day by setting a daily reminder on her phone.  🔊

David ensures that his car is always in good working order by taking it for regular maintenance and check-ups.  🔊

Samantha ensures that she gets enough exercise by going for a run or hitting the gym every day.  🔊

To ensure the accuracy of the report, Emily double-checks all of the data and calculations.  🔊

John ensures that the team stays on track by setting clear goals and deadlines.  🔊

To ensure the success of the event, Lucy coordinates with various vendors and suppliers.  🔊

David ensures that the company complies with all relevant laws and regulations.  🔊

Samantha ensures that she gets enough sleep by following a strict bedtime routine.  🔊

Emily ensures that the house is clean and tidy by assigning each family member specific tasks and chores.  🔊

Regular maintenance on the car ensures that it runs smoothly and efficiently.  🔊

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