Ubiquity in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Ubiquity

the attribute of being commonplace

Examples of Ubiquity in a sentence

The ubiquity of cars in first world countries makes them so common that it’s almost inconceivable for a family to not own a car in those countries. 🔊

As far as human facial features are concerned, the ubiquity of black and brown hair is especially notable in comparison to the rarity of red hair. 🔊

An idea that has a fair amount of ubiquity to it is the notion of working for money to pay for things you want. 🔊

Nothing screams ubiquity in today’s society than seeing teenagers on their phones, as you can literally find them almost anywhere.  🔊

Ubiquity refers to things that are commonplace, like clouds, trees, or buildings in residential areas.  🔊

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