Endure in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Endure

to put up with or go through

Examples of Endure in a sentence

A woman has to endure an extreme amount of pain during childbirth. 🔊

Made from solid iron, the gate was sure to endure any bad weather. 🔊

No matter how hard his opponent hit, the boxer was determined to endure the fight. 🔊

It can be difficult to endure the emotional pain from a divorce. 🔊

Though he planned to diet, he could not endure the food deprivation. 🔊

The garden could not endure the extreme cold of the winter. 🔊

He was determined to endure the entire marathon and complete his life goal. 🔊

The SAS, British Special Forces, must endure some of the most difficult training of any military around the world. 🔊

The child had to endure verbal abuse from bullies for so many years that nothing seemed to make him happy. 🔊

After drinking three cups of coffee, he was sure to endure the entire lecture. 🔊

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