Ephemera in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Ephemera

things that are important or useful for only a short time

Examples of Ephemera in a sentence

Not many of the mock up album covers or other miscellaneous ephemera from the Hittsville studio is still around today. 🔊

Old newspaper clippings and other ephemera thought useless at the time are on display in the local museum. 🔊

A whole stack of ephemera was tossed in the trash, most of it being useless ticket stubs. 🔊

Political leaflets and other ephemera were not expected to last into the 21st century, but tell us a lot about the time period.  🔊

The dance instructor’s husband did not see the point in spending money printing recital programs and other ephemera that people will throw away right after the performance.  🔊

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