Epithet in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Epithet

a word or phrase that describes a person or thing

Examples of Epithet in a sentence

The epithet “Curly” is used to describe the big football player with the curly hair. 🔊

Although the epithet “nerd” was once thought uncool, today the word is associated with some of the richest men on the planet. 🔊

Gwen earned the epithet of “fastest woman on earth” after winning four gold medals in track in the last Olympics. 🔊

Because Janet could not gain weight no matter how much she ate, she did not appreciate the epithet of “beanpole”. 🔊

Franklin took the epithet about his racial background as an insult. 🔊

Whenever I think of my elderly grandfather’s twenty-year-old wife, the epithet “gold-digger” comes to mind. 🔊

Sarah did not appreciate people calling her the epithet of “poor little rich girl” whenever she complained about the drawbacks of having celebrity parents. 🔊

Although John heard the epithet his enemy used to describe him, he simply walked away from the argument. 🔊

“Loving wife and mother” was the epithet my father placed on my mother’s headstone. 🔊

During the war, the cruel general earned the epithet of “Dr. Death” because he murdered thousands of people. 🔊

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