Admonish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Admonish

to scold; to warn strongly

Examples of Admonish in a sentence

Because my kids were running around the store, knocking over merchandise, I had to admonish them.  🔊

Finally, Drew had to admonish his employees to arrive on time for work, warning them of the consequences if they arrived late tomorrow.  🔊

The teacher had to admonish the student who talked out of turn during the lesson.  🔊

As a daycare worker, I regularly have to admonish those who do not follow the rules.  🔊

Doctors admonish us to wash our hands constantly to avoid catching the virus.  🔊

While I appreciate the correction on my spelling, there's no need to admonish me with unpleasant words.  🔊

My drama teacher would admonish students for repeatedly forgetting their lines.  🔊

Admonish Kimberly for leaving crumbs all over the place!  🔊

The property manager would admonish residents to keep their dogs on a leash in the courtyard.  🔊

Dad is going to admonish you for not doing the chores.  🔊

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