Exhalation in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Exhalation

the process of releasing air from your lungs

Examples of Exhalation in a sentence

1. After puffing on a cigarette, the inconsiderate man’s exhalation of the second-hand smoke created a hazard for anyone standing near him. 🔉

2. Once the lifeguard performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the victim, he monitored the exhalation of air coming out of the victim’s mouth. 🔉

3. Dr. Peterson used his stethoscope on Dorothy’s chest to listen for gurgling in her lungs during her exhalation of breath. 🔉

4. When Sammy received back a perfect score on his final exam, he released an exhalation of relief. 🔉

5. The paramedic leaned down next to the unconscious man’s face to determine whether he could detect an exhalation of air from the man’s mouth. 🔉

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