Lurid in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Lurid

full of unpleasant details that are meant to shock or interest people

Examples of Lurid in a sentence

The film had an R-rating because of its lurid depiction of the couple’s sexual encounter. 🔊

Because the testimony in the courtroom was lurid, the judge asked the defendant’s small children to remain outside in the hallway. 🔊

The controversial artist is known for his lurid portraits of women in the shower. 🔊

Even though some of the pictures of the bombing victims were quite lurid, the newspaper still decided to print them. 🔊

While the author created exciting plots, his characters were usually written in such lurid terms that his stories were not appropriate for young people. 🔊

The lurid accusations Heather made about Joseph caused him to lose his job. 🔊

Since the director’s films are always filled with blood and gore, I would not recommend them for children under the age of seventeen. 🔊

When I was a child, my grandfather’s lurid tales about his military days made me cover my innocent ears. 🔊

The lurid headlines about the married politician and his mistress were trending topics online for weeks. 🔊

I do not want to hear the lurid details of your frog dissection! 🔊

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