Ex Officio in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Ex Officio

an ex officio is someone who automatically gains a position or has a right because of their position or status within the board, committee, council, etc.

Examples of Ex Officio in a sentence

Even though you are an ex officio board member, you still have voting rights. 🔊

Most countries give their presidents the ex officio title of commander-in-chief of the military forces.  🔊

When Janice became the prime minister’s wife, she became an ex officio member of the government. 🔊

Since all of the committee members are ex officio positions, none of the members have to participate in the election.  🔊

The biggest donors to our church receive ex officio appointments as directors on our board.  🔊

Because he is the president of the movie studio, Benjamin also holds an ex officio membership in the actor’s union.  🔊

As the head of the accounting department, Jessica received her executive committee membership ex officio.  🔊

When the president is unable to perform his duties, the vice-president is his ex officio replacement.  🔊

The school superintendent holds an ex officio position on all the local school boards.  🔊

Because of my lengthy job tenure, I recently became an ex officio member of the hotel's hospitality team.  🔊

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