Expulsion in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Expulsion

a circumstance in which an individual or thing is ejected from a position, place, or group

Examples of Expulsion in a sentence

Since Henry hated school, the threat of expulsion did not make him behave. 🔊

Matt’s stealing has resulted in his expulsion from the company. 🔊

When the coach found drugs in Keith’s locker, he immediately informed the athlete of his expulsion from the team. 🔊

Gail’s expulsion from the university occurred after drugs were found in her dorm room. 🔊

Despite strong efforts, the legislators were unable to get enough votes to sanction the corrupt congressman’s expulsion from office. 🔊

According to school policy, any medical student caught cheating will suffer the consequence of expulsion. 🔊

Because Mitch knows his father dislikes the gay community, he fears expulsion when he reveals his homosexuality. 🔊

The boy knew if he snitched on his classmate he would have to deal with expulsion from his social circle. 🔊

If Harold is found guilty of embezzlement, not only will he face expulsion from the company he founded but also jail time. 🔊

Jack’s expulsion from the law firm was brought on by his unwillingness to enter rehab for his drinking problem. 🔊

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