Exuberant in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Exuberant

filled with energy and enthusiasm

Examples of Exuberant in a sentence

Even though Johnny was not a very good basketball player, he had such an exuberant attitude that he came across as one of the stars of the team.  🔊

The travel writer was exuberant in her praise of the luxurious cruise ship.  🔊

Because Carol has such an exuberant personality, she is a fantastic hostess.  🔊

The contest winner was exuberant when she learned she would receive the prize money that would allow her to go to college.  🔊

Although I am a healthy adult, I found it hard to keep up with the exuberant teenagers on the hike.  🔊

The exuberant puppy would not stop running around the house.  🔊

Since Marie was not exuberant about playing the piano, she often skipped her lessons.  🔊

The exuberant photographer was willing to climb the mountain to get the perfect photo.  🔊

When Larry jumped out of his seat, everyone knew he was about to make an exuberant marriage proposal to his girlfriend.  🔊

The teenage girl was exuberant when her mother surprised her with concert tickets for her favorite singer.  🔊

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