Consensus in a Sentence  πŸ”Š

Definition of Consensus

general agreement about something

Examples of Consensus in a sentence

When the judge learned the jury had not reached a consensus on the defendant’s guilt, he sent the group back into the room for further discussion.  πŸ”Š

Fortunately for homeowners, a consensus has not been reached in favor of a property tax increase.  πŸ”Š

Since the scientists were unable to reach a consensus on the best way to isolate the bacteria, they had no choice other than to burn the substance in a sealed container.  πŸ”Š

The teacher asked the group to reach a consensus on who would present their data to the class.  πŸ”Š

Because there is no consensus among the committee on the issue, we will meet again to take another vote in a few days.  πŸ”Š

After the votes were counted, the family consensus was for a Hawaiian vacation.  πŸ”Š

If the politicians cannot reach a consensus on the energy bill in the next few hours, they will have to continue their discussion after the holiday break.  πŸ”Š

Why are you taking those pills when the scientific consensus is that they have no health value at all?  πŸ”Š

Despite years of debate, there has been no consensus on the answer to the age-old question of which came first in regards to the chicken and the egg.  πŸ”Š

When everyone stood up and applauded the president of the firm, it was obvious the entire company was in consensus with the new goals.  πŸ”Š

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