Exudation in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Exudation

a condition of something quickly flowing out or forward

Examples of Exudation in a sentence

As the young man came dressed in a suit and presented himself professionally, the exudation of class was apparent to anyone who was in the same room with him. 🔊

The boss knew the girl would do a good job at his law firm when she positively accepted the position with an exudation of confidence. 🔊

Due to the recent flood and broken pipe, the exudation of water burst down the sidewalk and onto the street. 🔊

After running in the intense heat, an exudation of sweat completely covered my body and ran down my back.  🔊

After having a terrible day, an exudation of happiness shown all over my ecstatic face when I heard the news that I won the lottery.  🔊

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