Pro bono in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Pro bono

a free service to the public by a lawyer

Examples of Pro bono in a sentence

When the attorney wanted to give back to his community, he started doing pro bono work for the poor clients who found themselves in trouble with the law.  🔊

“Since I am broke,” the client begged the lawyer, “will you take my case in a pro bono manner, please?”  🔊

Every major city usually offers pro bono legal services by the volunteering lawyers in the area so that finances won’t play a part when someone is sued.  🔊

Because legal fees can run into the thousands of dollars, many different attorneys will work a pro bono case since the average person can’t afford these services.  🔊

After his pro bono client lost her car accident lawsuit, he did not bill her for the legal services he provided.  🔊

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