Exude in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Exude

to openly display an emotion or quality

Examples of Exude in a sentence

After accomplishing so much, he could not help but exude confidence in himself. 🔊

As he tried to sneak past the bear, he could not help but exude fear. 🔊

Since she won the race, she has been able to exude a definite sense of pride. 🔊

Her smile helped to exude an extreme sense of happiness. 🔊

Ready to take on the world, he was able to exude an extreme confidence. 🔊

Leaving his doctor with a clean bill of health, the previously overweight man could not help but exude pride. 🔊

He went into his interview ready to exude professionalism. 🔊

You must exude confidence if you hope to succeed in an interview. 🔊

At the news of her college acceptance, she could not help but exude complete happiness and excitement. 🔊

Seeing his boy succeed filled him with pride and he watched his son exude the same sense of accomplishment with joy. 🔊

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