Facsimile in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Facsimile

a copy or reproduction

Examples of Facsimile in a sentence

He offered a facsimile of the original painting for a much discounted price.  🔊

He offered a service where he would create a facsimile of famous sculptures.  🔊

It may have been a facsimile, but it was still signed by the author, giving it some value.  🔊

In art, a facsimile often cannot capture the original allure of the piece.  🔊

Though it was near-perfect, the antique collector could tell this book was a mere facsimile of the original.  🔊

A good facsimile will fool even the most intense scrutiny.  🔊

His supposed research findings were merely a facsimile of a similar study performed years ago.  🔊

It was a perfect facsimile, every last detail identical to the original.  🔊

The cheap facsimile would never pass as anything but a worthless copy.  🔊

The facsimile, or fax machine is an outdated way to send paper communications.  🔊

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