Farce in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Farce

a ridiculous situation or event

Examples of Farce in a sentence

Many argue that the government today is a mere farce of what it started out as. 🔊

The trail was a complete farce, the jury obviously knowing their verdict before proceedings even began. 🔊

The movie was a complete farce, showing how ridiculous the actors viewed politics. 🔊

There was no character development, but the comedy did make for an entertaining farce. 🔊

The actor refused to star in such a farce, insisting his talents were above such humor. 🔊

Feeling politics had become a farce, the senator stepped down from his seat. 🔊

Sometimes, a good farce is more entertaining than a well-thought out comedy. 🔊

The playwright wanted a thoughtful tragedy, but he ended up with a mere farce. 🔊

The way mechanics charge for their services sometimes seems like a farce. 🔊

She was done with this farce, ready to move onto more meaningful endeavors. 🔊

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