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Definition of Akin

similar in nature

Examples of Akin in a sentence

For Elizabeth, divorcing her ninth husband was akin to throwing out old shoes and buying a new pair. 🔊

There are some people who believe asking for government assistance is akin to admitting one is a failure.  🔊

In Lisa’s mind, the death of her beloved dog was akin to the death of a dear relative. 🔊

When the Oscar-winning actress checked into the hotel, she received treatment akin to the attention normally given to members of a royal family.  🔊

As a loving parent, Anne believes her children’s artwork is akin to museum masterpieces.  🔊

To the nature lover, the sound of the birds chirping is akin to charming music.  🔊

Gordon takes his cooking seriously and swears his skill is akin to mastering a scientific discipline.  🔊

The drug czar viewed the running of his empire as akin to managing a multi-million dollar corporation.  🔊

For me, being interviewed by the human resources team was akin to being interrogated by a team of police detectives.  🔊

Attacking Christians for their beliefs is akin to the assaults that once took place on women accused of witchcraft.  🔊

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