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Definition of Faction

a group within a larger group that has different ideas and opinions than the rest of the group

Examples of Faction in a sentence

In the novel, the heroine was born into a faction of the population that dedicated their lives to helping each other. 🔊

The United States Civil War began when several southern states decided to become a faction and form their own nation.  🔊

When the country’s ruling faction started killing off its political rivals, people started to protest outside the capitol building. 🔊

The candidate who wins the election will be the one who can get the most voters to join his faction.  🔊

Although I disagree with my political leaders, I am not in such disagreement that I want to break off and start my own faction to oppose their policies.  🔊

The conservative faction was upset about the healthcare law that provided medical coverage to homosexual couples.  🔊

Even though the faction leaders have agreed to meet to discuss a treaty, it is highly unlikely they will make peace in one day.  🔊

Several members of the church who disagree with the minister’s practices are leaving the organization to start their own religious faction.  🔊

At my high school, the cheerleaders and the football players made up the most popular faction of students.  🔊

The police chief hoped he could come up with a peaceful way to end the violence between the rival gang factions.  🔊

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