Fail-safe in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Fail-safe

an emergency system that shuts down a machine if there is a critical failure

Examples of Fail-safe in a sentence

1. Your body has many fail-safes in place to prevent a dangerous rise in fever. 🔉

2. If the elevator is rising or falling too fast, it has a fail-safe installed that will stop it and save the people inside. 🔉

3. The iPhone has a built-in fail-safe that locks the device after several incorrect password attempts are made. 🔉

4. A nuclear power plant often has many fail-safes in place to shut the operation down before a meltdown overheat occurs. 🔉

5. While automated drones could be dangerous in combat, these ones have fail-safes installed that will shut them down if they get out of control. 🔉

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