Ensconced in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Ensconced

in a safe and/or comfortable place

Examples of Ensconced in a sentence

There is no need to worry about the witness because she is ensconced in the safe house. 🔊

Once my youngest daughter is ensconced in her bed, I can enjoy some quiet time. 🔊

Santa Claus is ensconced in the armchair and waiting for the first child to arrive. 🔊

As soon as Helen arrived at the beautiful cabin, she knew she could be ensconced there forever. 🔊

Clara is comfortably ensconced in a beach chair and has no immediate plans to return to work. 🔊

Ensconced on the mantle, the kitten refused to jump into my arms. 🔊

The rabbit was content to be ensconced in a garden filled with carrots. 🔊

When the singer learned she would be ensconced in a luxury hotel while serving her jail sentence, she was very happy. 🔊

The alcoholic had been ensconced at the bar all day. 🔊

Ensconced in the closet, the woman hoped the home invader would not find her. 🔊

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