Famished in a Sentence  šŸ”Š

Definition of Famished

extremely hungry

Examples of Famished in a sentence

The man had not eaten for days, so when I asked if he was hungry he responded by saying ā€œIā€™m famished.ā€  šŸ”Š

The boy looked absolutely famished, his body nothing but skin and bones.  šŸ”Š

Though many people experience hunger, few ever understand what it is like to truly be famished.  šŸ”Š

The homeless of the world are often left famished, happy to get even scraps of food.  šŸ”Š

After a long and harsh winter, the town was left famished.  šŸ”Š

Being stranded at sea for a week, the man was famished to the point of starvation.  šŸ”Š

Since she had fasted all day yesterday, the woman was absolutely famished.  šŸ”Š

Though he was likely famished from the demonstration, Gandhi starved himself during his hunger strike.  šŸ”Š

He was so famished that he ate an entire tray of sandwiches.  šŸ”Š

Thirsty and famished, the man was still determined to survive and make it out of the desert.  šŸ”Š

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