Fanfare in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Fanfare

the attention of the public or prestigious ceremony

Examples of Fanfare in a sentence

The President received a great deal of fanfare when he announced his plans on immigration, so the news spread word of it quickly. 🔊

There is usually a great deal of fanfare involved when it comes to graduation for both high schoolers and college students. 🔊

There was no small amount of fanfare when I received my diploma from my principal, especially considering the cheers of my family in the bleachers. 🔊

Celebrities often receive fanfare for almost any decision they make, becoming a popular media story for no reason at all more often than not. 🔊

The king was met with the fanfare of dozens of trumpets as he stepped out onto the balcony to give a speech to his assembled people. 🔊

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