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Definition of Fecund

intellectually productive or inventive

Examples of Fecund in a sentence

The computer programmer was a fecund person who could quickly identify and solve problems. 🔊

Although Jim was fecund at work and always met his daily goals, he rarely left his favorite chair at home. 🔊

The airline is looking for fecund individuals who can complete many tasks in a short period of time. 🔊

Because gifted students are more fecund than students of lower intelligence, they usually turn in better assignments than their peers. 🔊

When James turned sixty, he was fired from his job because his managers felt he was no longer fecund and capable of meeting deadlines. 🔊

The school librarian is a fecund woman who can tell you the location of every book without looking at a computer screen. 🔊

Even though Matt is very fecund, I seriously doubt if he can solve the puzzle in under a minute. 🔊

While Janet pretends to be fecund, she has never offered a solution during our weekly problem-solving meetings. 🔊

Is Linda really so fecund that she invents two projects every week or is she stealing ideas from others? 🔊

The fecund engineer knew he had to quickly find a way to fix the collapsing bridge. 🔊

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