Puerile in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Puerile

silly or childish especially in a way that shows a lack of seriousness or good judgment

Examples of Puerile in a sentence

Since my son is thirty-three years of age, I do not find his puerile behavior amusing. 🔊

Your jokes are puerile and not appropriate for a woman of your years. 🔊

If you behave in a puerile manner during a job interview, the interviewer will think you are very childish. 🔊

The fireman was scolded for playing puerile pranks on his coworkers. 🔊

When Elaine got drunk and started to crawl around on the floor, she showed everyone how puerile she was. 🔊

The young comedian’s puerile jokes did not go over well with the mature audience. 🔊

Because my father takes everything very seriously, he has little patience for puerile humor. 🔊

My teenage daughter was upset when her puerile conduct got her sent to the little kids’ table at dinner. 🔊

Although Bill is normally known for coming up with great ideas, his latest proposal is puerile and borders on being ridiculous. 🔊

Jason’s puerile method of getting my attention was by painting his name on the side of my house. 🔊

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