Inveigle in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Inveigle

to persuade someone to do something by means of deception or flattery

Examples of Inveigle in a sentence

Speechless I stood by as June was able to inveigle her way into the private club by flirting with the security guard.  🔊

The detective could inveigle information out of the quietest suspects.  🔊

Although the salesman thought it would be easy for him to inveigle my grandmother into buying a vacuum she did not need, he soon realized my grandmother was not easily fooled.  🔊

Tracy had no problem showing off her feminine assets to inveigle her way backstage to meet her favorite singer.  🔊

Since I did not have enough volunteers for my project, I did my best to inveigle my family members into helping by boasting of my great love for them.  🔊

The attractive conman was able to inveigle a number of wealthy widows into giving him their fortunes.  🔊

During the trial, the witnesses described how the defendant used deception to inveigle his clients into investing in his scam.  🔊

My lazy brother is going to try and inveigle our mother into paying for his spring trip to the beach.  🔊

Although Karen is a lousy secretary, she is very attractive and recently received a pay raise because of her ability to inveigle her boss by constantly referring to his good looks.  🔊

Since the young woman did not want to work for a living, she decided to inveigle a rich man into marrying her by pretending to be pregnant.  🔊

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