Freudian slip in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Freudian slip

a slip of the tongue that happens when you say a word you were thinking of when you actually meant to say something different

Examples of Freudian slip in a sentence

A Freudian slip of the tongue, the man said "an-ominous" rather than "anonymous." 🔊

The hilarious sign read: "CAUTION! Freudian slips affect one in sex people." 🔊

After a Freudian slip of his ex-wife’s name, the man’s current wife put him out of their bedroom. 🔊

A Freudian slip is a verbal mistake that is said to be linked to the subconscious mind. 🔊

Coming through as a blunder, the Freudian slip showed what was really on the woman’s mind. 🔊

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