Blasphemy in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Blasphemy

great disrespect shown to God or something holy

Examples of Blasphemy in a sentence

Sex, outside of marriage, is considered by some to be a sin and a form of blasphemy.  🔊

When Jake made a joke in church, his mother accused him of blasphemy.  🔊

The minister preached for hours about the sins of blasphemy against the church.  🔊

After being suspected of blasphemy, the priest was removed from his office.  🔊

My grandmother is very religious and will kick you out of her house if you display blasphemy in any form.  🔊

In some religions, it is considered blasphemy for one to criticize the teachings of the prophets.  🔊

The writer’s blasphemy was evident in his article supporting atheism.  🔊

As the women watched the holy books burn, they prayed God would forgive their blasphemy.  🔊

The nun was accused of blasphemy when she openly disapproved of the priest’s actions.  🔊

If you criticize the home football team in Joe’s Bar and Grill, you will be accused of blasphemy by some of the regular customers.  🔊

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