Papist in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Papist

a derogatory term that refers to a Roman Catholic who accepts the Pope as an authority of God

Examples of Papist in a sentence

Pledging his allegiance to the Pope and the Catholic Church, the papist refused to acknowledge the Church of England.  🔊

Although the man claimed to be committed to Christ and the reform, most of his family believed him to be a papist who secretly worshipped the Pope.  🔊

The anti-Protestant papist strongly believed that the Pope is the ultimate authority of God above all others.  🔊

Following the dictates of the Vatican, the Papist took over as leader of the country and made Catholicism the official religion.  🔊

The anti-Catholicism movement classified the man as a papist and shut him out from discussions on religious reform.  🔊

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