Gainsay in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gainsay

to contradict or deny

Examples of Gainsay in a sentence

Since Jack told the truth on the witness stand, no one was able to gainsay his statement.  🔊

It would be unwise of you to gainsay your doctor’s medical suggestions and stop taking your prescriptions.  🔊

To gainsay the contributions of immigrants to our nation would be the same as denying the unique voices of our diverse population.  🔊

It is impossible to gainsay the importance of a good education in today’s competitive job market.  🔊

With Gail’s drinking problem and penchant for reckless driving, no one can gainsay the high probability of her being in an automobile accident in the future.  🔊

Even though my argument was based on undeniable facts, Jack still tried to gainsay my point.  🔊

The athlete was unable to gainsay his positive drug test.  🔊

How dare you gainsay the professor’s opinion when you know so little about DNA replication!  🔊

After the lab experiments, the scientist could not gainsay the ineffectiveness of the drug which had not destroyed the cancer cells.  🔊

The prosecuting attorney will use his witnesses to try and gainsay the defendant’s testimony.  🔊

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