Jocular in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Jocular

characterized by joking; humorous or playful

Examples of Jocular in a sentence

The jocular man is known for his funny punchlines.  🔊

Her jocular personality always made the customers smile.  🔊

You could tell by his serious tone of voice that he wasn't in a jocular mood.  🔊

Hoping to ease up the audience, the host tried being a little more jocular by telling jokes.  🔊

I decided not to pull an innocent prank on my camp leader after finding out she is not a jocular person.  🔊

Known for making funny faces, the jocular kid entertained everyone in class.  🔊

As jocular as you are, I'm surprised you aren't a Vegas comedian yet!  🔊

I am in a bad mood, so save your jocular 'Your Momma Jokes' for another day!  🔊

Cheer up your mother by telling a jocular childhood story.  🔊

When pies started flying across the dinner table, Jane could tell her friend had a jocular family.  🔊

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