Laconic in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Laconic

brief and concise, using few words

Examples of Laconic in a sentence

During the laconic phone call, the divorcing spouses only said what was absolutely necessary. 🔊

The valedictorian delivered a laconic speech, contrast to the salutatorian's lengthy speech.  🔊

The laconic language of the football players kept the other team from knowing the meaning of their talk. 🔊

To save valuable time, give me a laconic explanation of what happened.  🔊

If you were laconic with your lectures, then we could leave class 15 minutes early.  🔊

I don't have all day, so be laconic with your answers.  🔊

The writer was laconic when drafting the poem and used very few words in each line.  🔊

During the play, the laconic monologues were direct and to the point.  🔊

Most of the staff was laconic when speaking about the investigation and kept things hush-hush.  🔊

The laconic way you speak with people is baffling considering you want a talk show.  🔊

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