Gasconade in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Gasconade

to make particularly showy gestures to brag about an accomplishment

Examples of Gasconade in a sentence

The football player jumped on the cafeteria table and started to gasconade about his speed and ability to catch impossible throws.  🔊

The politician loved to gasconade about his poll numbers, high donations, and success to anyone who would listen.  🔊

Napoleon was known to gasconade about his battle skills so thoroughly in his letters that you would think he never lost a single soldier.  🔊

After winning the debate tournament, Mike began to gasconade by running around the room with his trophy over his head and shouting in his posting his win all over social media.  🔊

He liked to gasconade about his SAT scores to his little sister by posting copies of his results on her door.  🔊

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