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Definition of Ghetto

an area in the city designated for imprisoning the Jewish people during World War II before being transported to a concentration camp

Examples of Ghetto in a sentence

Many Jewish people died in their ghetto due to living in small quarters of their hometown and being exposed to disease.  🔊

Due to the Nazi takeover, many cities in Germany and the surrounding countries would set up a ghetto or two in order for the Nazis to have better control over the Jewish citizens.  🔊

After being sent to the ghetto, many Jewish families received little food because they were located in the city with very little access to farmland.  🔊

During the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, several hundreds of Jews revolted against their Nazi leaders who ruled over them to escape to another part of the city.  🔊

Museums display images of life for the Jewish people living in a ghetto by showing several Jewish families being forced to live in a small apartment.  🔊

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