Mawkish in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Mawkish

being overly sentimental to the point it comes across as fake or silly

Examples of Mawkish in a sentence

The star’s mawkish poem at her mentor’s funeral was so insincere that most of the guests rolled their eyes. 🔊

Since I knew how much my mother loved my father, I knew she was not being mawkish when she sang his favorite song during his wake. 🔊

My unromantic husband would never do anything as mawkish as writing me a poem. 🔊

To the experienced detective, the victim’s wife appeared mawkish as though she was putting on an act. 🔊

The politician’s mawkish speech was so overly sentimental it failed to win him any new votes. 🔊

While Jack loved his family, he was not one to get mawkish and put on lavish displays of sentiment. 🔊

I told Carl his mawkish plan to win Trisha back was so excessive she would probably laugh in his face. 🔊

When April realized her husband was planning a divorce, she put together a mawkish photo album to remind him of happier days. 🔊

Although Larry hated to come across as mawkish, he never hesitated to share pictures of his family with his friends. 🔊

Frank refused to wear a t-shirt with his wife's picture on it because he thought it was mawkish to the point of being silly. 🔊

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