Gratuitous in a Sentence  🔉

Definition of Gratuitous

uncalled for; unwarranted; unnecessary

Examples of Gratuitous in a sentence

1. Even though I had been looking forward to seeing the movie, I walked out of the theater after thirty minutes because of so much gratuitous foul language. 🔉

2. Since her son had already served his hours of community service for the vandalism, Selena thought that the school’s additional punishment was gratuitous. 🔉

3. He’s always looking for gratuitous attention from his classmates by pulling all sorts of reckless stunts. 🔉

4. That director specializes in the gratuitous exploitation of people’s worst nightmares in his horror films. 🔉

5. Because I didn’t ask for his gratuitous advice, I felt under no obligation to do what he suggested. 🔉

6. If you read the labels on most prepared food products, you’ll see that many gratuitous ingredients add an excessive amount of fats and carbohydrates. 🔉

7. Despite coming in at third place, he indulged in some gratuitous self-glorification, to the dismay of all his friends. 🔉

8. The novel contains a great deal of gratuitous speculation and opinion that make it very difficult to follow the plot. 🔉

9. Although the candidate felt that the interview had gone in his favor, he didn’t make the cut because the committee was so irritated by his gratuitous bragging. 🔉

10. If Maureen hears that a film contains gratuitous violence, sex scenes, or language, she won’t allow her sons to watch it. 🔉

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