Provocative in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Provocative

tending to provoke or stimulate

Examples of Provocative in a sentence

When the editor read the provocative article which urged people to destroy government buildings, he insisted the writer redo the entire piece. 🔊

The purpose of the con artist’s provocative speech is to inspire us to give him our life savings. 🔊

During the debate, the experienced politician made a provocative statement to make his opponent angry. 🔊

Dr. Jones is popular because of the provocative topics he discusses on his television show. 🔊

In order to get attention, the young woman wore a provocative dress to the party. 🔊

I took the provocative photographs to capture my husband’s interest. 🔊

Despite my rival’s provocative remarks, I refuse to get into a disagreement with her. 🔊

The preacher was offended when the singer started to dance in a provocative manner. 🔊

When Janice wore the short dress to the football game, many men took her action as a provocative gesture. 🔊

Rather than start a debate, the teacher chose not to respond to the student’s provocative question on religion. 🔊

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