Heck in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Heck

an expression of usually anger or surprise that is used as a way of adding force to a statement

Examples of Heck in a sentence

“What in the heck?” the woman exclaimed as she realized her diamond ring was missing from her jewelry box.  🔊

“Aw, heck”, the speeding driver sighed as the police car sirens sounded behind him.  🔊

“Well, heck,” the man mouthed in surprise as he stared at the six car pileup ahead.  🔊

My date insisted that they would have a heck of a time at the party, but my dislike of crowds wouldn’t let me match his enthusiasm.  🔊

“Heck, even I could have hit that pitch” the irritated player thought as he watched his teammate strike out.  🔊

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