Hesitance in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Hesitance

the quality of being unsure

Examples of Hesitance in a sentence

The hesitance in Helena’s voice made it difficult to tell what she was saying, since she stopped every few words. 🔊

There was clear hesitance in Oscar’s statement at first, but ultimately he firmly asserted his decision. 🔊

Being a shy person myself, I could understand the hesitance in Leena’s behavior as she gave her presentation before the class. 🔊

When asked if he would be willing to shoot his best friend in the foot for a million dollars, Frank at least had the decency to display some hesitance in his answer.  🔊

Tali’s hesitance in asking for help from her friends shows that she is concerned about being a burden to them.  🔊

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