Bemoan in a Sentence 🔊

Definition of Bemoan

to express displeasure

Examples of Bemoan in a sentence

As a military wife, I bemoan our country’s involvement in yet another war. đź”Š

Jack started to bemoan his daughter’s unusual behavior.  đź”Š

Because Helen’s injury did not seem to be healing, she began to bemoan her treatment. đź”Š

Rather than bemoan his poor luck, Josh decided to look on the positive side of things.  đź”Š

The author’s fans had started to bemoan his recurring plots and simple endings.  đź”Š

On the reality show, juvenile delinquents who bemoan living with their parents are given the chance to live on their own for two months.  đź”Š

My husband is going to the city council to bemoan the price increase of trash services.  đź”Š

When the teacher saw the test grades, she began to bemoan her students’ lack of preparedness.  đź”Š

Because I am obsessed with healthy eating, I often bemoan my husband’s addiction to fast food.  đź”Š

As soon as interest rates were raised, homeowners began to bemoan their high mortgage payments.  đź”Š

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