Home run in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Home run

a hit that flies into the outfield and is not caught or flies into the crowd and enables players on the bases to make it to home plate, earning a run

Examples of Home run in a sentence

When Barry Bonds hit his 762nd home run, he set the record for highest number in baseball history. 🔊

The baseball player hit a home run into the crowd and rounded all the bases for the winning run. 🔊

When his teammate hit a fly ball into the outfield, he ran from first base all the way to home plate for a home run. 🔊

The little league player hit his third home run of the day, earning his team 12 runs. 🔊

The All-Star baseball team had a record number of home run hits last season, earning a whopping 36 runs. 🔊

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