Hyperbole in a Sentence  🔊

Definition of Hyperbole

an exaggeration or overstatement used to evoke strong feelings

Examples of Hyperbole in a sentence

During the hurricane, it seemed as though the hyperbole, “raining cats and dogs“, was almost accurate. 🔊

“Sitting is the new smoking“ is silly hyperbole used by health journalists to garner attention. 🔊

It seems like everyone and their mother is angry about something right now. (This is hyperbole, as I do not mean literally everyone.) 🔊

Usually the “crazy weather we’re having“ talk is just hyperbole, but the forecasted streak of record-hot temperatures is no untruth. 🔊

Obviously the network is overreacting and engaging in hyperbole when they say “55 million people are in danger!“ for normal thunderstorms. 🔊

When Henry made a hyperbole on the stand, the judge gave him a warning and reminded him to stick to the facts. 🔊

I can say without hyperbole this is the greatest meal I have ever had! 🔊

It would be great if you could simply tell me the basic facts without including a hyperbole of any sort. 🔊

If the politician uses one more hyperbole in his speech, I will know he is exaggerating about all his claims. 🔊

Being that you’re an only child, I can say without hesitation or hyperbole you’re the best daughter I’ve ever had! 🔊

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